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We recognize that the global distribution of Galliformes creates a immense diversity of human relationships.  Galliformes enthusiasts are part of many different types of organizations, often with some interest in fundamental conservation of a species or number of species.  We hope by creating this organizational "Partner" category we can facilitate communication and interaction among our scattered members and their organizations.  We view this affiliation to be one of networking rather than one that is contractual in nature.   Therefore, by becoming an GSG partner we ask that organizations simply have an interest and ethical concern for Galliformes conservation.  Dissolution of relationship can be initiated by either party and is simply notification of the other.  

To become a partner we ask you to fill out partner form by clicking button on right, but please also to make sure we eliminate "fake" organizations also click on the create account button on home page.

Note: Disclaimer GSG and the Species Survival Commission have no legal obligations of any type to GSG Partners.