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The Galliformes Specialist Group is committed to the world wide conservation and sustainable management of all native populations of Galliformes* species and their habitats.  GSG operates under the authority of the The Species Survival Commission (SSC) of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The GSG is a voluntary self-help network of field scientists, wildlife managers, conservationists, aviculturists, and educators who are interested in the conservation of one or more of the species encompassed by the SG.  The Co-Chairs are appointed by the Chair of the SSC, normally for the 4-year period between IUCN World Conservation Congress meetings (i.e. 2016-2020). The Co-Chairs appoint the membership according to SSC guidelines. An international Co-Chairs’ Advisory Board assists the Co-Chairs in running the GSG. The implementation of any project undertaken with GSG approval or endorsement is the responsibility of an independent Principal Investigator (PI), who may or may not be a GSG-SSC Member.

* For a limited period, the GSG has also agreed to act as an umbrella for similar work on Tinamidae species.

As an official SSC Specialist group we are particularly involved in the The IUCN Red List program and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  We are also bound to follow the By-laws of SCC set out for 2017-2020 (SSC Bylaws 2017-2020) and the SSC priority areas for the same period (SSC Mandate 2017-2020).

The primary membership in GSG is through the Species Survival Commission and is by invitation through SSC.  We recognize that SSC membership is limited therefore in order to embrace our global diversity of people with a passion for Galliformes, we also have affiliations with GSG to include graduate students, aviculturalists, and others to stay engaged with GSG.  We established the "Friends" status for those individuals to be registered with GSG and have access to our full website along with inclusion in our Newsletter mailing list and other listserv communications.  We have also established an organizational affiliation with GSG again to facilitate communication among our partners in Zoos, NGOs, businesses, universities, and government agencies.  To establish "GSG Partner" status, please fill out the form on the "People" pulldown menu.  


GSG strives to achieve its mission though a set of linked activities:

  • Establishing a world wide membership of individuals active in conservation-related research and action

  • Maintaining an independent website, publishing a newsletter and organising international symposia and workshops

  • Assessing the conservation status of all its species, using the IUCN Red List criteria and in collaboration with BirdLife International (as the Red List Authority for birds)

  • Prioritising conservation-related research and action for its species at the global, regional, strategic and species levels

  • Catalysing project activities though PIs in order to acquire new information on the status of and threats to its species, and to implement and monitor conservation action based on sound science

  • Operating review and mentoring processes for PIs to assist them in the development and implementation of projects and the publication of significant findings

  • Giving advice to assist PIs with fundraising for projects

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